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Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11

 Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11  The availability of the Amazon Appstore for sideloading Android apps on Windows 11 is subject to the supported countries listed on the Microsoft support page Requirements Verification: Amazon Appstore link from Microsoft Apps: After installing the Amazon Appstore, users have the option to utilize Android SDK tools for performing "ADB" commands. ADB commands allow users to install APK files from their Windows 11 device. Step 1 To begin, users are required to download the SDK Platform Tools specifically designed for Windows. Once the download is complete, users must unzip the downloaded file. Step 2 The next step involves opening the Windows Subsystem for Android settings window. Within the settings window, users should navigate to the developer tab.

App Launcher: Nova launcher

Nova launcher: This launcher brings stock android functions to Non-Stock UI’s ·          Infinity scroll ·          Dark Themes ·          Unread items ·          Grouped icons ·          Long press on icon provides Pop-up Menus Notable features (Prime features) :- Gestures and Inputs ·          Double tap to search for the APPS. ( comes in handy every time to reach out certain apps) ·          Hide Apps from APP- Drawer. ·          Two Finger Swipes – are customizable to set your favorite actions.     Note: Prime features needs to be bought from Play store. *Nova launcher was sold at a discount price (10 Rupees) Starting of the year. 

Contacts to display in Android

Open Contacts --> Menu key (softkey) -- select contacts to display ( see image 1) --> Select "All Contacts" or "Customize" ( see image 2)

How to change Restrict Background data in Android

Check the Image attached Setting--> Data Usage --> Menu key -- select -->Restrict background data

Remove Adds from Apps: Android needs to be Rooted

Source: One of the best thing is of rooting Android is customizing to your needs. Now you can remove all annoying Adds from the apps once android phone is rooted. This Module  “minminguard” will help to the most by removing all the adds. Source: Internet/ Google

Indian Government: App Store

Indian Government Site : Avail all service: App Store:

Chrome Remote desktop launched

Google has launched "Chrome remote Desktop".  This can be added from "Chrome Web Store", so now you will be able to check all your files via the same browser. Earlier features were When u sign into Chrome Browser it will  Sync your - "chrome settings" & "Bookmarks" with respective to Mobile and Desktop.

HealthKartPlus is India's First & Only Comprehensive Generic Drug Search Engine wit Android App

Description HealthKartPlus is India's First & Only Comprehensive Generic Drug Search Engine. *Now Order Medicines Online from the App (in India only). # Featured on NDTV Cell Guru & CNBC Awaaz Tech Guru. # Among TOP 10 FREE Apps in Medical Category. It is the resource most used by common man, physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information & as medical dictionary.   Use HealthKart Plus to discover cost effective generic drugs that can substitute prescription medicine. Further, you can explore how prescription medicine works & understand the required precaution and contraindication. The application also empowers you to compare drugs by prices, so that you can choose the most cost effective generic drug for a given prescription. FEATURES: - Search & order medicines - Place an order by uploading your prescription - Re-order from previous prescriptions - Check the availability of medicine

Add nick name to contacts For Android Phones for 100% Voice Recognition

The success rate is 100% I tried it, may be it should work for you; the Following instructions will help you Tip: Add A Phonetic Name To Contacts Voice Recognition Just Can't Get Right Perhaps the most time-saving key on the Android keyboard is the microphone, but using it is more hassle than it's worth when certain words just refuse to be recognized. More often than not, these words are contact names. Luckily, there is a way to trick your phone into recognizing even the most tongue-twisting of names. If you're tired of your phone turning "Demonte Jones" into "Demon's bones," just teach it to recognize the latter as the former. Granted, this might be a problem when you're texting a friend the location of a secret item in your favorite MMORPG. The instructions are pretty straightforward: Open up the People app and find your desired contact. Load up their information and hit edit. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add another

A guide to staying safe and secure online from google    GOOD TO KNOW A guide to staying safe and secure online     Stay safe and secure online   Explore quick tips and how-to’s that explain what you can do to stay safe and secure on the web.   Know your Google security and privacy tools Find out more about the tools you can use to help stay safe with Google.   Secure your passwords Learn more about how to create strong passwords and keep your information safe.   Keep your device clean Find out how you can help protect your computer or device from criminals.   Prevent identity theft Learn more about how to help protect yourself from identity theft.   Find easy-to-understand steps that you can take to help keep yourself safe   Keep your family safe online   Get advice from parents at Google and family safety experts on how to help your family safely surf the web.   Get family safety tips from experts Check out simple, useful tips from child safety experts on how to protect your f

How to check if you are registered to DND for Mobile users

DND  DND website : How to Make Complaint Through APP:  DND Play Store: How to Make Complaint Through SMS:  The person may make a complaint to the service provider through voice call or SMS to toll free short code 1909 or through DND App within 3 days of receipt of such UCC. For registering the complaint through SMS, the subscriber should forward the SMS to 1909 in the following format: The UCC, XXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy where XXXXXXXXXX is the telephone number or header of the UCC.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Announced At Google I/O #<$200 (Rs 11,500 approx>

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Announced At Google I/O It will run on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and will feature a 7" HD display at 1280x800 pixels. It will be powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core chip, with a 12-core GPU for improved graphics performance. On a full battery charge, the Nexus 7 will offer up to 9 hours of continuous video playback, with a standby time of up to 300 hours. Developers has welcomed the inclusion of Chrome as the default browser for the tablet. The slate weighs just 340 grammes, which will make it easy to carry around. The Nexus 7 seems to be pitted against the Amazon Kindle Fire, which gained some traction initially for its price and form factor. The keynote was all praises for its ebook reader like features, coupled with the versatility offered by the powerful CPU and extra GPU cores. This new tablet is not in direct competition with the iPad though, which is evident from the keynote. The good news is that Google will sell the tablet for a mere $20

the new Google Android store

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 available in India for Rs. 14K

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 available in India for Rs. 14K To compete with low-cost tablets in India, some companies have reduced the prices of their tablets. Research in Motion, Motorola, and Samsung have all recently lowered the prices of their tablets in an effort to stay competitive in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 can be purchased for a discounted price of INR 13,999 on India plaza, while it was previously being sold for INR 19,999 on, which is now sold out. is also expected to offer the device for sale in the future. The Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 is a tablet with a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor, 16 GB of storage, a 7-inch touchscreen with a 1024x600 pixel resolution, and the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a full suite of Google apps, including the Android Market. The device is being sold for a discounted price of INR 13,999 on Indiaplaza and is worth considering for those interested in