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Official Corona Virus COVID19

Official [Corona Virus / COVID19] Government site's & whatsapp ChatBot contact [India/ TamilNadu/ United Kingdom] Government website: Whatsapp number: TamilNadu Whatsapp Number: Telegram Link: UK United Kingdom Whatsapp Number: #coronaVirus #covid19 #pandemic

WhatsApp updates: 14 August 2019: finger print lock

WhatsApp update on 14 August 2019 WhatsApp has enabled finger print lock for beta versions. This feature was enabled in Telegraph 6 months ago. You can find under  Accounts-> Privacy-> Finger print lock.

WhatsApp : Update Mar 2020

New Update allows to Share WhatsApp Status. Below are the updated options. 1. Forward 2. Share 3. Share to Facebook 4. Delete

Corona safety Measures : Details from internet

Source of images from Internet.