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WhatsApp Desktop Emoji meanings

 WhatsApp Desktop Emoji meanings In the desktop app, when you hover over the emoji icon, a tooltip appears, showing the meaning of that emoji. WhatsApp Desktop Emoji meanings

WhatsApp Community Privacy Update

WhatsApp Community  Privacy Update : WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy update for its community groups, allowing users to hide their phone numbers to enhance privacy by default. 

WhatsApp update : 19 July 2021 : multiple devices support

 WhatsApp Has rolled out Multiple Devices Support up to 4 devices.

WhatsApp: Updates : Multiple desktop support

WhatsApp: Updates : Multiple desktop support  : Now prompts to use in current desktop to use the WhatsApp. This will leave other desktops with below message. Don't have logout and login in every time  

From WhatsApp-web How to Make Video calls and WhatsApp Mobile using Messenger Room

WhatsApp Web allows to make Video Calls from a Laptop through "Messenger Room" Through WhatsApp Web: Step 1.  WhatsApp web -> option -> select "Create a room" Step 2.  Select "Continue with Messenger" Step 3.  Sign in to Facebook and select "Create Room as" Step 4.  Once joined : Get the link to be shared  on whatsapp.  Step 5.  Adjust the settings as needed.  Through WhatsApp Mobile App: Step 1.  Method  1.  Open  WhatsApp , then tap the  CALLS  tab ->  Create a room Method 2. Open a group chat, then tap  Group call  ->  Create a room Step 2.  Select "Continue with Messenger" - update the Messenger to be in latest version

WhatsApp Update : July 2020 : Dark Theme Enable for Desktop and Animated Stickers

Dark Theme Enable for Desktop is enabled:  Settings --> Theme --> Dark / Light Animated Stickers : enabled for All users. Click in Stickers in Keyboard --> then click "+" --> click on the new versions with Play icon 

JIO MART now on WhatsApp launched

JIOMART is launched on WhatsApp in 3 cities Navi-Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. Steps:- 1. Add JIOMART WhatsApp number 8850008000 2. Send Hi 3. Type your number 4. A link is received to place order (30 minutes expiry window for the link)

WhatsApp Update : 23 April 2020: Video call increased to 8 persons

WhatsApp has updated the Video call limit to 8 persons = (7 Users + 1 Self) WhatsApp Version : 2.20.136

WhatsApp updates: 14 August 2019: finger print lock

WhatsApp update on 14 August 2019 WhatsApp has enabled finger print lock for beta versions. This feature was enabled in Telegraph 6 months ago. You can find under  Accounts-> Privacy-> Finger print lock.

WhatsApp : Update Mar 2020

New Update allows to Share WhatsApp Status. Below are the updated options. 1. Forward 2. Share 3. Share to Facebook 4. Delete

WhatsApp Update: 23Jan2020: DARK Mode rolled out

Required WhatsApp Version : 2.20.14 WhatsApp -> Settings -> Chats ->  Theme Now Select ->Dark.

WhatsApp Update: Nov 19: Group chat updates

When you are added into WhatsApp group by unknown person, updated feature allows to exit at a click.

WhatsApp Update:Sep 02 2019: Secure with Finger Prints and Story to Facebook

To enable Fingerprint Lock: WhatsApp->Settings->Privacy->Fingerprint lock Now you can share your WhatsApp status directly to Facebook status. Once you select "SHARE TO FACEBOOK STORY"

WhatsApp updates: 16 April

Privacy Settings: New addition of "Groups" in privacy settings. You can restrict other's from adding you into groups. Options available are; 1. Everyone 2. Contacts 3. Nobody

WhatsApp 12 Dec Updates : Group video call button enabled under "Group Chats"

Group video call button enabled  for group chats. Earlier you have to add one by one to video Chats. Now press of the button all members can be included in group video chats.

WhatsApp update: 27 October : Stickers options

New updates from WhatsApp Allows to use stickers WhatsApp version: 2:18:331

WhatsApp update 04 Oct 2018 : swipe to reply and contact check

Update 1: New Update Allow you to swipe from left to right on any conversation to reply in WhatsApp chat window. Update 2: WhatsApp notifies when unknown number texts is received; WhatsApp checks if the same contact has been shared in WhatsApp by any. refer the image. #whatsApp #whatsapp

WhatsApp update: you can only share with upto 5 chats.

WhatsApp update: you can only share with up to 5 Chats. This feature has been rolled out to Indian users.

WhatsApp update: Suspicious Link

WhatsApp has rolled out the new feature to identify spam links: Suspicious Link Alert Refer the image

How to send a message in WhatsApp without saving the contact in your Phone

How to send a message in  WhatsApp without saving the contact in your Phone Type the following link in the search bar: phone=XXXXXXXXXXX (Replace the  Xs  by typing the phone number of the person you want to contact, including the country code, but without the + sign.) Eg: phone=91710000000 #whatsapp #contacts #newfeature Source: internet