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From WhatsApp-web How to Make Video calls and WhatsApp Mobile using Messenger Room

WhatsApp Web allows to make Video Calls from a Laptop through "Messenger Room" Through WhatsApp Web: Step 1.  WhatsApp web -> option -> select "Create a room" Step 2.  Select "Continue with Messenger" Step 3.  Sign in to Facebook and select "Create Room as" Step 4.  Once joined : Get the link to be shared  on whatsapp.  Step 5.  Adjust the settings as needed.  Through WhatsApp Mobile App: Step 1.  Method  1.  Open  WhatsApp , then tap the  CALLS  tab ->  Create a room Method 2. Open a group chat, then tap  Group call  ->  Create a room Step 2.  Select "Continue with Messenger" - update the Messenger to be in latest version