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CBI arrests Indian mastermind behind Hire-a-Hacker service on FBI tip-off

The Hacker News CBI arrests Indian mastermind behind Hire-a-Hacker service on FBI tip-off     For the first time in history, Indian Law Enforcement Agency 'Central Bureau of Investigation' (CBI) has arrested a Cyber criminal after getting a tip-off from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 33-Year-old Amit Vikram Tiwari, son of an Indian Army colonel and an engineering dropout, who allegedly ran two websites offering services for hacking into email accounts was arrested on Friday from Pune city. According to the details submitted by FBI, he had compromised more than 1,000 Accounts around the world and offering illegal services for cracking email account login for $250 - $500 via two websites and hosted on U.S. Based servers. Amit received most of the payments from his Clients via Western Union Money Transfer or PayPal. During the investigation, police found several fictitious names of clients and bank account numbe

Sleep as Android App to monitor your sleep

“Sleep As Android” App Sounds good as it captures the amount of sleep u want to get. Wen u set an alarm it points u wen u must be on bed, so that u will get 8 hrs. of sleep. Same I monitors whether u had sound sleep or disturbed one by raising sounds/ alarms to check. Just try to check with yourself to see whether u are on right cycle to get sleep. 

Satta Panchayat Iyakkam To know how to get your grievances to be addressed.

Satta Panchayat Iyakkam 7667-100-100 This is started on Dec 14 2013, till end of one month 21000 calls have been received and 4000 complaints have been helped to closure. Many can join them to help: like attend calls from home and address complaints; retired government officials who can take the calls for an Hour & address comments. All issues relating to public like issue of passport/ ration card/ revenue/ traffic violation fine. U can contact them they will help u in getting resolved. Facebook: Twitter:

100 Websites You Should Know and Use from TED Blog

Source : TED Blog NEWS 100 Websites You Should Know and Use (updated!) BUSINESS + E-COMMERCE AUDIO + VISUAL LITERATURE, MEDIA + CULTURE