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Income Tax E- filing for 2015

Government has made the most easiest way to file tax on line. The Most important criteria to be checked: < this is for salaried person and no other income> 1.        “TAX paid and Verification tab” is D17: “Total Tax payable = 0” <u can verify them in form 16 and salary slip(if any)> This year great advantage is that “you don’t have to post the ITR-V”, it will be electronically verified. There are few methods given to verify your returns online , and for the people 1.       With returns to be received need to use E verify using Net banking. a.       Then base on the flow once u click “Continue” list of net banking details will be shown.                                                              i.      For ICICI bank: login using bank user ID and password  (Other banks u need to search them)                                                             1.       Then under “Payment and taxes”                  

Two Gr8 android Apps for Office use : MailDroid and Lynch 2013

To make most of available android apps, for office is always a tricky one.   Already have mentioned in earlier post about MailDroid and how to configure it.   Next is Office 2013 feature is gr8 direction that connects all devices.   Now “ Lync 2013” app  : work perfectly the same way in desktops. Hence no more missing of your connection from your official communications.   Play store:           1.            MailDroid - Free Email App 2.            Lync 2013

WhatsApp update

Now WhatsApp allows to search all the chat content. Earlier it was restricted within chat window. Now it searches all the chat windows in the account and publishes results.