Income Tax E- filing for 2015

Government has made the most easiest way to file tax on line.

The Most important criteria to be checked: < this is for salaried person and no other income>
1.        “TAX paid and Verification tab” is D17: “Total Tax payable = 0” <u can verify them in form 16 and salary slip(if any)>

This year great advantage is that “you don’t have to post the ITR-V”, it will be electronically verified.

There are few methods given to verify your returns online , and for the people

1.       With returns to be received need to use E verify using Net banking.
a.       Then base on the flow once u click “Continue” list of net banking details will be shown.
                                                             i.      For ICICI bank: login using bank user ID and password  (Other banks u need to search them)
                                                            1.       Then under “Payment and taxes”
                                                            a.       Select “Income tax E –Filing”
                                                                i.      Once u click “ok” it will redirect to Income tax website.
                                                                 ii.      U can choose “E-Verify”
                                                                  iii.      Once done u will can download the PDF with message “DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC, BENGALURU”
b.      That’s it folks Income tax filing is done and closed.



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