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Broadband Issue regarding TIKONA legal issue

Source: Internet (Unknown)   Broadband Issue regarding TIKONA:   Was using tikona broadband connection till Sep, 12. There was some problem in accessing the net connection since July, 12.   As I forgot the password and not able to activate it. So I didn’t use it from July to Sep. I tried to contact the cust care but not resolved.   Then the connection was disconnected and the bill was generated automatically. I informed the billing dept. that I was not using for three months.   So I didn’t pay the bill for that period. Then after four months I got call from Delhi police saying that tikona has filed a case against me for paying the bill.   I ignored the call and later I got call from some advocate that also I ignored. Then again I got call yesterday after some three months.   So can I ignore this again? Is this will be a serious issue?   Kindly advise me on this, If anyone has come across this kind of scenario….       Solution:              

Information on Live running trains in India

  Check the below site for information regarding train position/ traffic i.e., where it is located or moving currently. Source: Update : Jan2023