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Remove Adds from Apps: Android needs to be Rooted

Source: One of the best thing is of rooting Android is customizing to your needs. Now you can remove all annoying Adds from the apps once android phone is rooted. This Module  “minminguard” will help to the most by removing all the adds. Source: Internet/ Google

MobileVoIP App : One of the good option to make calls

MobileVoIP APP: Site: Play store: This App, supports multiple service providers to choose from with reliable app stability.  This offers the one of the best call rate to call overseas. Supported VoIP Brands: 12VoIP HotVoip StuntCalls Actionvoip Internetcalls Telbo BrowserCalls InterVoip Voipblast BudgetVoipCall Jumblo VoipBlazer Call2India JustVoip VoipBuster CallEasy Low-Rate Voip VoipbusterPro CallingCardBuster MegaVoip VoipCaptain CallingCredit MexicoBarato VoIPCheap CallPirates NairaCalls VoipCheap CheapBuzzer Netappel VoipChief CheapVoip Nonoh VoipDiscount CheapVoipCall PanggilanMalaysia VoipGain CosmoVoip PennyConnect VoipJumper DialCheap PinoyDialer VoipMove