Data Analytics- Part 2


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49. Unstructured Algorithm

Basics to see here on how to – find underlying factors or reduce the Dimensions using below techniques
·      Factor Analysis – FA
·      Recommendation Engine
·      Principal component Analysis - PCA
·      Singular Value decomposition – SVD
·      Eigenvalue decomposition – EVD
·      Clustering Methods
§  K – Means clustering
§  Hierarchy clustering
§  DB Scan

50. Factor Analysis – FA

·      FA is about to Pull out or explain hidden factors or underlying factors in their relationship of variables
·      The information received from these hidden factors can be used to reduce the number of set of variables
·      These number of factors are determined using Scree-plot.
·      There are a number of rotations: -
§  Varimax
§  Quartimax
·      FA looks for the correlation values
·      Factors that have similar overloading can be grouped into cluster

 51. Principal Component Analysis


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