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How to get Canadian PR

# Alert : Dont get fooled but consulting agents/ agency. All the forms and paper work has to be done by self and there is no agent is allowed to create Express entry account from Canadian government website. # How to get Canadian PR: ****************** General Info:-  "For PR : only way in is express entry" 1. Express entry profile:  It Has a score called CRS  Calculate your score roughly and if it crosses 450 ( now late 2020 it should be 460-470) then there is a good chance of getting a PR if not to be plain there might be chances but difficult.  2. For express entry profile:  Profile cost is free online gov profile  Eligibility to have a profile;:  IELTS score card (13500₹)  WES : world education system  education credentials to be accredited (15000₹) 3. Website 4. Calculate your score through the above tool link:- Under question 5 give your test results recent within 2 years a yes  Test as IELTS  Score as follow