LINUX Commands


Update the kali with complete Distribution upgrade:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade
  • sudo apt full-upgrade -y
  • sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

Same on windows equivalent

  • PS C:\Users> winget.exe upgrade --all --include-unknown

How to Get Hostname and version of Linux

  • hostnamectl
  • lsb_release -a
  • cat /etc/os-release

Run without Admin Access

  • Create - run.bat, then below lines
  • Set_COMPAT_LAYER=RunAsInvoker
  • Start Chrome.exe

external IP address

  • $ curl

Search the commands in History 

  • use CTRL + R and typing

Mount A network Drive 

  • sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/nwgnas


Reference :

  •  nmcli general                                                
  •  nmcli connection show
    • NAME                UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE  
  • sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
  • nmcli radio wifi off  
  • nmcli radio wifi on
  •  nmcli device wifi list
Connect to a password-protected wifi network
  • $ nmcli device wifi connect "$SSID" password "$PASSWORD"


GREP command

Nmap : using Grep to filter IP addresses
Syntax : cat ip.txt | grep "text to search" | cut -d"" -f 2 | sort | uniq

cat ip.txt | grep -e "Status: Up"    

Installing deb package  

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Load the wl module:

sudo modprobe wl

Updating snap store in Ubuntu 

sudo snap refresh snap-store

Enable write permission on HFS+ HDD on Ubuntu

sudo df
sudo blkid

sudo fdisk -l

 sudo apt install hfsprogs 
 sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /media/gouti/HDD_MAC
$ sudo umount /dev/sdb2
$ sudo mount -t hfsplus -o rw,force /dev/sdb2 /mnt/HDDmac/

Search a command to install from CLI:

:~ $ apt search hwinfo
Sorting... Done                                                                                                                    
Full Text Search... Done                                                                                                          
backupninja/oldstable,oldstable 1.2.1-1 all                                                                                        
  lightweight, extensible meta-backup system                                                                                      
forensics-extra/oldstable,oldstable 2.29 all                                                                                      
  Forensics Environment - extra console components (metapackage)                                                                  
hwinfo/oldstable 21.72-1 arm64                                                                                                    
  Hardware identification system                                                                                                  
libhd-dev/oldstable 21.72-1 arm64
  Hardware identification system library and headers

libhd-doc/oldstable,oldstable 21.72-1 all
  Hardware identification system library documentation

libhd21/oldstable 21.72-1 arm64
  Hardware identification system library

:~ $ sudo apt install hwinfo


MacBook pro 2012 : Ubuntu boot Error: uninstall kernel when  kernel panic not syncing:

While Booting press options key  
Advance Ubuntu
select lower version kernel - login then perform the following commands to uninstall the kernel which causes problem

Now use the below GUI to uninstall:

Method 1: Installing Latest Mainline Kernel on Ubuntu via GUI
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install -y mainline

If the GUI is not able to uninstall, get the error message as dependences and paste them as below to remove manually 

sudo apt remove linux-headers-6.5.0-27-generic linux-image-6.5.0-27-generic linux-modules-extra-6.5.0-27-generic  linux-modules-6.5.0-27-generic

Then use autoremove purge to remove residues 
sudo apt autoremove --purge 
sudo apt update 
sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo apt install iptraf-ng
iptraf-ng -i eth0
iptraf-ng -i wlan0
Remote desktop Ubuntu machine  using Remmina

on the client machine Enable the sharing option
then enable the VNC, the click on the hamburger menu and select use password.


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