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About Insurance policy: #Insurance #motorInsurance #lifeinsurance

#Insurance #motorInsurance #lifeinsurance 1.Where can the Consumer check details about the Insurance Company and look for more data? A:                    Provides complete information for consumer. This Site is by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and development Authority, INDIA) 2.After buying an insurance policy if Terms and condition is not acceptable, then what? A: Policy can be cancelled within 15days of issuing Policy 3.What is excepted when dispute arises? What steps to be taken care? A: Take Photocopy of the signed Insurance-form (Proposal Form). Have written proof communication (Via Mail or Reg: Post). All the documented artifacts (evidence) only will help in achieving any Claim. Distance Marketing Insurance policies are sold over the phone or the internet as well as through bank ATMs and so on. These other than face-to-face selling methods have their own peculiarities and drawbacks. IRDA has put out some guide