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Enable additional Security layer for Logging into: Google, Facebook and Twitter

How to keep your  Accounts safe From online frauds/ hacks.  The most important part is to secure your Login password . There is an additional security step to certify your login. Known as “2-Step Authentication”. Let us go through the steps how enable them, before that you have to download two apps as mentioned below. Download -> “Authenticator” app from Google Play Store. -> “Barcode Scanner” app from Google Play store. Google: Login into account: -> Select “ MY Account ” -> Under “ Sign-in & Security ” -> Under “Signing in to Google” -> Under “ Password & sign-in method ” -> Select “2-Step Verification” -> Click to enable them and flow through the steps provided. -> Open “Authenticator” app, Scan the code and complete the workflow. Twitter: Login into Account -> Select “ Settings and Privacy ” -> Under Security -> “ Select a code generator app ”, follow the steps as followed. -> Open “Authe

How to Disable Samsung Galaxy app notification in Samsung Phones

 Open Samsung Galaxy apps; Then click on the à  Three Dots or (menu options) à  Settings à  Updates ->Auto Updates apps: Select Turn off à  Under Notifications: - Turn-Off   -> Show updates on notification panel ->Push Notifications

WhatsApp Update :01 May 2017

Now Chats can be "Pinned" Steps: Long press to get options then select the "PIN" icon on the top.