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Updated two Step Verification for Twitter

Twitter: Finally awaited feature of  Two Step Verification Via App (Using Google Authenticator) Previous Post on Details version How to enable Two step verification on social accounts, in below link; Where to change the settings for enabling two step verification for Twitter- settings & Privacy  -> Account -> Security -> Two step Factor Authentication 

Enable additional Security layer for Logging into: Google, Facebook and Twitter

How to keep your  Accounts safe From online frauds/ hacks.  The most important part is to secure your Login password . There is an additional security step to certify your login. Known as “2-Step Authentication”. Let us go through the steps how enable them, before that you have to download two apps as mentioned below. Download -> “Authenticator” app from Google Play Store. -> “Barcode Scanner” app from Google Play store. Google: Login into account: -> Select “ MY Account ” -> Under “ Sign-in & Security ” -> Under “Signing in to Google” -> Under “ Password & sign-in method ” -> Select “2-Step Verification” -> Click to enable them and flow through the steps provided. -> Open “Authenticator” app, Scan the code and complete the workflow. Twitter: Login into Account -> Select “ Settings and Privacy ” -> Under Security -> “ Select a code generator app ”, follow the steps as followed. -> Open “Authe

WhatsApp 2step verification

WhatsApp has introduced 2step verification. Available from version 2.16.343. WhatsApp--> account settings --> Two step Settings --> Enable 

Google new two-step notification Prompt

Google Introduces another Way to verify log-in :  "Prompt" along with two-step notification . log-in into your account --> my account settings --> Sign-in & security settings --> Enable "Prompt". One more way to secure your account.

Heartbleed Bug: Time to change the password and use two way security

Source Internet: Heartbleed Bug: This could allow your password and information to be stolen. Do Google it up to understand how it works. Few Sources: androidpolice thehackernews

CBI arrests Indian mastermind behind Hire-a-Hacker service on FBI tip-off

The Hacker News CBI arrests Indian mastermind behind Hire-a-Hacker service on FBI tip-off     For the first time in history, Indian Law Enforcement Agency 'Central Bureau of Investigation' (CBI) has arrested a Cyber criminal after getting a tip-off from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 33-Year-old Amit Vikram Tiwari, son of an Indian Army colonel and an engineering dropout, who allegedly ran two websites offering services for hacking into email accounts was arrested on Friday from Pune city. According to the details submitted by FBI, he had compromised more than 1,000 Accounts around the world and offering illegal services for cracking email account login for $250 - $500 via two websites and hosted on U.S. Based servers. Amit received most of the payments from his Clients via Western Union Money Transfer or PayPal. During the investigation, police found several fictitious names of clients and bank account numbe

How to raise online complaint for Lost cell phone: The action was taken and mobile is found !!

Please make a note of the website where you can give an online complaint for your lost mobile phone with details such as 1.        Mobile make 2.        Model No 3.        Purchase Details 4.        IMEI 5.        Contact Number and Email id of yours for them to contact you once they trace your mobile. 6.        When and where you lost it – if you are sure about it. The website is : Update Jan 2023 You will get a reference number for checking the status once u lodge your complaint. Make a note of it. Nearly 70 days they kept tracking and got my mobile back. And the great news is that the Police doesn’t expect anything in return J From

A guide to staying safe and secure online from google    GOOD TO KNOW A guide to staying safe and secure online     Stay safe and secure online   Explore quick tips and how-to’s that explain what you can do to stay safe and secure on the web.   Know your Google security and privacy tools Find out more about the tools you can use to help stay safe with Google.   Secure your passwords Learn more about how to create strong passwords and keep your information safe.   Keep your device clean Find out how you can help protect your computer or device from criminals.   Prevent identity theft Learn more about how to help protect yourself from identity theft.   Find easy-to-understand steps that you can take to help keep yourself safe   Keep your family safe online   Get advice from parents at Google and family safety experts on how to help your family safely surf the web.   Get family safety tips from experts Check out simple, useful tips from child safety experts on how to protect your f

Facebook profile: Security and Privacy settings

FACEBOOK Privacy Settings  When Two step Authentication is enabled, provides addition layer of security How to lock down your profile:

How to Tell if a Link Is Safe:

How to Tell if a Link Is Safe: When the link is clicked and the web page open in the browser - Chrome.  Check for "https" and check for the "LOCK" symbol to verify the authenticity of the website.