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Marriage Registration Online steps [Tamil Nadu]

Marriage Registration Online 1. Hindu Marriage Act 2. TamilNadu Marriage Act Steps To follow 1. Log into :->  2. Click on "User Registration"   under " LOGIN " section 3. Now Login with UserID & Password  Hindu Marriage Registration 4. After Log in then select  Home > Marriage Registration > Hindu Marriage Registration 5. Fill in the details     1. Husband details           A.  Details Must be know - District, Taluk, Village and then f rom Drop down select the " street name "         B . if any of the parent is not alive mark the same and produce the death certificate while submitting the application in-person.      2. Wife Details          A. same as above, have all the information to fill in details 3. Witness Options 4. Other Details 5. Proof Details: for Husband & Wife  Home > Draft Listing TamilNadu Marriage Act     A. 3 Witness are required as mandate.     B. Select from the Drop down Witness Opt