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Google Maps India updates: "stay safer" and "Get off route alerts"

Google Maps India: Has introduced new features 1. Stay safer 2. Get off route alerts While using directions to reach destination. Stay safer: Will share live location sharing to your preferred person. Get off route alerts: Will alert you when there is change in route. #gouti1454

Google Maps : Live Sharing : updates

Google Maps : Live sharing Updates now provides information  with  battery %  level .

Google maps: Traffic Short Cut, Driving Short Cut & Share location Short Cut

How to add  Goggle Maps Short Cuts to Home screen ( Android Phone) 1. Long press on the Home screen, enables the options of "wallpapers, Widgets and Settings" 2. Select Widgets 3. Search for "Maps" 4. Now "Click and Drag" the Shortcut - Traffic " on to the home screen. #googlemaps, #gouti1454, #Maps, #Traffic, #widgets, 

How to Get location history as MAP from Google Maps

Google's Feature "Location History" can be used in a useful way to track your travel in map.  Google maps doesn’t always allow to download the details. This job is done by the app “ Location History ” #App Link listed below: Steps to Download the Map; 1.        Select the date from the calendar 2.        Select the number of days the data to be pulled ( 4 days, 7 days or 14 days- max) 3.        Now select options (3 dots), select Share a.        As image b.        As file 4.        Choose file, it will be saved as “*. KML ” file type Steps to upload in Google “My Maps” 1.        Now log into 2.        Select “ Create New map ” 3.        “Untitled Map” is created 4.        Select “ Import ” under “ Untitled layer ”, then select the *.KML file. 5.        Now the downloaded map from LocationHistory is visible. 

Share your Current Driving location using Google maps

New Update with Google maps, using Share Trip Progress - one will be, able to share the current driving location. Step 1: After Navigation has started, just pull-up the screen from bottom, the below image will be visible  to Provide you with option " Share trip progress" Step 2: When Share trip progress is selected, the next screen provide with options - Contacts to share with. Other Person will be notified on their Mobile screen.

Location History : for google map timeline feature

How to get the old feature from google Maps Timeline feature. Below app allows you to look your history for specified time line period. Download the File as "*. XML" then Log into "MY Maps" from google account. Step1. Create new Map Step2. Now select Upload file option Step3. Now you will be able to see the uploaded maps.  Source