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Updated two Step Verification for Twitter

Twitter: Finally awaited feature of  Two Step Verification Via App (Using Google Authenticator) Previous Post on Details version How to enable Two step verification on social accounts, in below link; Where to change the settings for enabling two step verification for Twitter- settings & Privacy  -> Account -> Security -> Two step Factor Authentication 

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google: Data doesn’t have to be confusing, hard to control, or expensive. Saving mobile data is easy with Datally, a smart new app by Google. It’s a mobile data manager that will help you monitor, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone. TAKE CONTROL Learn about the best ways to gain control of your data usage ● DATA SAVER - Save up to 30% of mobile data* through controlling data usage on an app-by-app. Control and limits data on specific apps while still enjoying the apps you want ● DATA SAVER BUBBLE - Front and center controls allow you to see real-time app data usage, and block an app’s data usage if things get out of control UNDERSTAND YOUR USAGE Easily track your data and understand which apps are using the most. ● DATA USAGE METRICS - Learn more about your data usage, including usage history, trends over time, and pe

Blood Bank Number: Nov 2017 updated

Sl.No Curated Blood Bank List Location Contact details 1 Indian red cross society Pan India 01123711551 2 Rotary Noida blood bank NCR 0120 - 4553000 3 Voluntary health services Chennai 044-22541972 4 Lions blood bank Chennai 044-28414949., Toll free: 1910 5 Bangalore medical services trust Bangalore 080-25293486 6 Jankalyan Blood bank Pune 020-24449527 7 People’s blood bank Kolkata 033-24555184/ 033-24555557 8 Lions district blood bank Kolkata 033-22485778/033-22485780 9 Central blood bank Hyderabad 040-27567892/040-27567893 #Blood #Bloodbank Source: Net

Google maps: Traffic Short Cut, Driving Short Cut & Share location Short Cut

How to add  Goggle Maps Short Cuts to Home screen ( Android Phone) 1. Long press on the Home screen, enables the options of "wallpapers, Widgets and Settings" 2. Select Widgets 3. Search for "Maps" 4. Now "Click and Drag" the Shortcut - Traffic " on to the home screen. #googlemaps, #gouti1454, #Maps, #Traffic, #widgets, 

VPN Extensions

Chrome Extensions: "BetterNet" Link : Description :  Betternet unlimited free VPN Proxy for Chrome enables you to access to all blocked websites and makes you secure.  Source: Chrome Firefox Extensions:

How to Get location history as MAP from Google Maps

Google's Feature "Location History" can be used in a useful way to track your travel in map.  Google maps doesn’t always allow to download the details. This job is done by the app “ Location History ” #App Link listed below: Steps to Download the Map; 1.        Select the date from the calendar 2.        Select the number of days the data to be pulled ( 4 days, 7 days or 14 days- max) 3.        Now select options (3 dots), select Share a.        As image b.        As file 4.        Choose file, it will be saved as “*. KML ” file type Steps to upload in Google “My Maps” 1.        Now log into 2.        Select “ Create New map ” 3.        “Untitled Map” is created 4.        Select “ Import ” under “ Untitled layer ”, then select the *.KML file. 5.        Now the downloaded map from LocationHistory is visible. 

WhatsApp Update: 2017- Oct - 04; Emoji's

New Emoji's are rolled out through play store.

WhatsApp Updates: 2017 Aug 02

Version: 2.17.288 beta 1. When typing text you can tap and hold to select the text , then scroll down the Menu to easily bold, strike-through, ETC. 2. While using camera, you can now swipe up to see all of your photos and videos from gallery.  

Chrome Extensions: HTTPS Everywhere: Plugin which forces every website to use HTTPS

Chrome Extensions: One of the best solution to force Website to work with "HTTPS", just by installing "HTTPS EVERYWHERE Plugin"  Check out "HTTPS Everywhere":

Share your Current Driving location using Google maps

New Update with Google maps, using Share Trip Progress - one will be, able to share the current driving location. Step 1: After Navigation has started, just pull-up the screen from bottom, the below image will be visible  to Provide you with option " Share trip progress" Step 2: When Share trip progress is selected, the next screen provide with options - Contacts to share with. Other Person will be notified on their Mobile screen.

DigiLocker : Digital version of Driving license, AADHAR, RC and others

DigiLocker : You can get Digital Signed : Driving License, RC, AADHAR and other certificates. Steps: 1. Log on to                 Download DigiLocker from play store (currently available for Android only)        2. Register using Phone Number, then Link your Aadhaar Number. 3. The updated Aadhaar will be available under                 Dashboard --> Issued Documents 4. Now for Driving License: Click Pull documents which is visible under Issued Documents   Now for Driving License:   Click Pull documents  which is visible under Issued Documents Next Screen ->Select ->Partner Name: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways ->Document Type: Driving License Under the Topic: Search your document by entering the required details Provide details about: Son / Wife / Daughter of: Driving License No: Name (prefill

App Launcher: Nova launcher

Nova launcher: This launcher brings stock android functions to Non-Stock UI’s ·          Infinity scroll ·          Dark Themes ·          Unread items ·          Grouped icons ·          Long press on icon provides Pop-up Menus Notable features (Prime features) :- Gestures and Inputs ·          Double tap to search for the APPS. ( comes in handy every time to reach out certain apps) ·          Hide Apps from APP- Drawer. ·          Two Finger Swipes – are customizable to set your favorite actions.     Note: Prime features needs to be bought from Play store. *Nova launcher was sold at a discount price (10 Rupees) Starting of the year. 

Enable additional Security layer for Logging into: Google, Facebook and Twitter

How to keep your  Accounts safe From online frauds/ hacks.  The most important part is to secure your Login password . There is an additional security step to certify your login. Known as “2-Step Authentication”. Let us go through the steps how enable them, before that you have to download two apps as mentioned below. Download -> “Authenticator” app from Google Play Store. -> “Barcode Scanner” app from Google Play store. Google: Login into account: -> Select “ MY Account ” -> Under “ Sign-in & Security ” -> Under “Signing in to Google” -> Under “ Password & sign-in method ” -> Select “2-Step Verification” -> Click to enable them and flow through the steps provided. -> Open “Authenticator” app, Scan the code and complete the workflow. Twitter: Login into Account -> Select “ Settings and Privacy ” -> Under Security -> “ Select a code generator app ”, follow the steps as followed. -> Open “Authe

How to Disable Samsung Galaxy app notification in Samsung Phones

 Open Samsung Galaxy apps; Then click on the à  Three Dots or (menu options) à  Settings à  Updates ->Auto Updates apps: Select Turn off à  Under Notifications: - Turn-Off   -> Show updates on notification panel ->Push Notifications

WhatsApp Update :01 May 2017

Now Chats can be "Pinned" Steps: Long press to get options then select the "PIN" icon on the top.

Google Map Updates: April 2017

The new update brings the view upfront to the main screen. 1.Satellite 2.Traffic 3.Transport

Google Chrome cast2 Vs Amazon Fire TVstick

Google Chrome cast2  Vs  Amazon Fire TV stick Google Chrome cast2: Used to Mirror or Cast from Mobile/ Tab/ Laptop Mirror any website and share the desktop screen through chrome web.   Uses Google Home App. Online streaming apps: needs to be downloaded into Mobile device Amazon Fire TV stick: ·          Plug into TV to stream Movies and music from apps such as (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Gana, etc.) ·          Control using Remote and Mobile app. ·          Has inbuilt memory to install app into TV stick. ·          Cannot Stream or cast Mobile device to TV. 

Corporate photography 2017

Have look at these photos and caste your vote at bottom of the page # Photo 1 # Photo 2 # Photo 3 # Photo 4

National Digital Library is an initiative by HRD ministry

All book reading fans out there check this new initiative from HRD and IIT KGP. 6.5 million books are now available in one single portal, where you can read online, or download the books. There are text books, audio and video content. Just browsing them all may take years! Enjoy. There are lots of books, books on music, and anything you name it. National Digital Library is an initiative by HRD ministry. It is a huge collection of learning resources (68 lakh books) from primary to PG level. Students  can use it free of charge.  To register, go to:  Share with your students and frnds also.  This is an amazing resource . Make it a point to get yourself registered

#myAndroid Taste Test

#myAndroid Taste Test This will give you the  customized  Get your look:- 1. Wall paper  2. Icons 3. Launcher 4. Widgets 5. Keyboard Source Google : 

Contacts to display in Android

Open Contacts --> Menu key (softkey) -- select contacts to display ( see image 1) --> Select "All Contacts" or "Customize" ( see image 2)

How to change Restrict Background data in Android

Check the Image attached Setting--> Data Usage --> Menu key -- select -->Restrict background data