How to Get location history as MAP from Google Maps

Google's Feature "Location History" can be used in a useful way to track your travel in map. 

Google maps doesn’t always allow to download the details. This job is done by the app “Location History

#App Link listed below:

Steps to Download the Map;
1.       Select the date from the calendar
2.       Select the number of days the data to be pulled ( 4 days, 7 days or 14 days- max)
3.       Now select options (3 dots), select Share
a.       As image
b.       As file
4.       Choose file, it will be saved as “*. KML ” file type
Steps to upload in Google “My Maps”
1.       Now log into
2.       Select “ Create New map
3.       “Untitled Map” is created
4.       Select “Import” under “Untitled layer”, then select the *.KML file.

5.       Now the downloaded map from LocationHistory is visible. 


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