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WhatsApp Update: Nov 19: Group chat updates

When you are added into WhatsApp group by unknown person, updated feature allows to exit at a click.

How to retry Deleted contacts from Android

How to retry Deleted contacts from Android: By any chance you have deleted all of your contacts from your Android phone. Google helps you to restore back the changes. For these to work you must have enabled sync options under contacts. Steps to be followed: 1. Now login to google account -> google contacts -> 2. Click on the "setting  start* icon" 3. next select -> Undo Changes -> then you can select the desired options. 4. Google allows till 30 days to recover the contacts

WhatsApp Update:Sep 02 2019: Secure with Finger Prints and Story to Facebook

To enable Fingerprint Lock: WhatsApp->Settings->Privacy->Fingerprint lock Now you can share your WhatsApp status directly to Facebook status. Once you select "SHARE TO FACEBOOK STORY"

Google Maps India updates: "stay safer" and "Get off route alerts"

Google Maps India: Has introduced new features 1. Stay safer 2. Get off route alerts While using directions to reach destination. Stay safer: Will share live location sharing to your preferred person. Get off route alerts: Will alert you when there is change in route. #gouti1454

WhatsApp updates: 16 April

Privacy Settings: New addition of "Groups" in privacy settings. You can restrict other's from adding you into groups. Options available are; 1. Everyone 2. Contacts 3. Nobody