Chat abbreviations

AAF - As A Friend
AAK - Asleep At Keyboard OR Alive And Kicking
AAMOF - As a matter of fact
AAP - Always A Pleasure
AAR8 - At Any Rate
ABT - About
ACC - Anyone Can Come
ADAD - Another Day, Another Dollar
ADN - Any Day Now
AFAIAA - As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIC - As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AKA - Also Known As
AML - All My Love
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ATM - At The Moment
ATYS - Anything You Say
AWA - As Well As
AWC - After A while Crocodile
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye For Now
BAU - Business As Usual
BBL - Be Back Later
BBS - Be Back Soon
BC or B/C - Because
BCNU - Be Seein' You
BD - Big Deal
BEG - Big Evil Grin
BF - Boyfriend
BFF - Best Friends Forever
BFN - Bye For Now
BIF - Before I Forget
BIL - Brother In Law
BLNT - Better Luck Next Time
BMG - Be My Guest
BR - Best Regards
BRB - Be Right Back
BTDT - Been There, Done That
BTW - By The Way
BYTM - Better You Than Me
C-P - Sleepy
CD9 - Code 9: Parents Nearby
CID - Consider It Done
CMIIW - Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CRB - Come Right Back
CSL - Can't Stop Laughing
CU - See You
CUL or CUL8R - See You Later
CUS - See You Soon
CUZ - Because
CWOT - Complete Waste Of Time
CYE - Check Your E-mail
DFO - Done Fell Out
DIIK - Darned If I Know
DIY - Do It Yourself
DKDC - Don't Know, Don't Care
DQMOT - Don't Quote Me On This
DTRT - Do The Right Thing
DUCWIM - Do You See What I Mean?
DW - Don't Worry
DWF - Divorced White Female
DWM - Divorced White Male
DWBH - Don't Worry, Be Happy :O)
DYFI - Did You Find It?
EOD - End Of Discussion
EOL - End Of Life
EOM - End Of Message
EOR - End Of Rant
EZ - Easy
F2F - Face To Face
F2T - Free To Talk?
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FBM - Fine By Me
FBOW - For Better Or Worse
FCOL - For Crying Out Loud
FIMH - Forever In My Heart
FITB - Fill In The Blank
FOAF - Friend Of A Friend
FOFL - Falling On The Floor Laughing
FOMCL - Falling Off My Chair Laughing
FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYEO - For Your Eyes Only
FYI - For Your Information
G2CU - Good To See You
G2G - Got To Go
G2R - Got To Run
GAC - Get A Clue
GAL - Get A Life
GB - Goodbye
GBTW - Get Back To Work
GBU - God Bless You
GF - Girlfriend
GGN - Gotta Go Now
GI - Good Idea
GJ - Good Job
GL - Good Luck
GOL - Giggle Out Loud
GR8 - Great
GTG - Got To Go
H8 - Hate
H/O - Hold On
HAGN - Have A Good Night
HAGO - Have A Good One
HAK - Hugs And Kisses
HAND - Have A Nice Day
HBU - How About You?
HH - Ha-ha
HHIS - Hanging Head In Shame
HOAS - Hold On A Second
HTB - Heavens To Betsy (for the older crowd)
HTH - Hope This Helps
IAC - In Any Case
IAE - In Any Event
IC - I See
ICBW - It Could Be Worse
IDC - I Don't Care
IDK - I Don't Know
IDTS - I Don't Think So
IIRC - If I Remember Correctly
IK - I Know
ILY - I Love You
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMLTHO - In My Less Than Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
IMPOV - In My Point Of View
IOW - In Other Words
IRL - In Real Life
JIC - Just In Case
JK or J/K - Just Kidding
JLMK - Just Let Me Know
JMO - Just My Opinion
JT or J/T - Just Teasing
JTLYK - Just To Let You Know
K - Okay
KIS - Keep It Simple
KIT - Keep In Touch
KOTL - Kiss On The Lips
KOW - Knock On Wood
KWIM - Know What I Mean?
L8 - Late
L8R - Later
L8RG8R - Later, Gator
LBAY - Laughing Back At You
LBH - Let's Be Honest
LMIRL - Let's Meet In Real Life
LOL - Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Laughs
LOLO - Lots Of Love
LQTM - Laughing Quietly To Myself
LTNS - Long Time No See
MIRL - Meet In Real Life
MMA - Meet Me At
MMB - Message Me Back
MOO - My Own Opinion
MorF - Male or Female
MOS - Mom Over Shoulder
MSG - Message
MTFBWU - May The Force Be With You
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business
NALOPKT - Not A Lot Of People Know That
NBD - No Big Deal
NC - No Comment
NE - Any
NE1 - Anyone
NEWB - person who is new to something
NFS - Not For Sale
NM - Never Mind
NMH - Not Much Here
NMU - Not Much, You?
NOOB or N00B - inferior person
NOYB - None Of Your Business
NP - No Problem
NRN - No Response Necessary
NVM - Never Mind
NW - No Way
NWO - No Way Out
O4U - Only For You
O RLY? - Oh, Really?
OIC - Oh, I See
OMDB - Over My Dead Body
OMG - Oh My Gosh -or- Oh My God -or- Oh My Goodness (for the older crowd)
OOTO - Out Of The Office
OT - Off Topic
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OTP - On The Phone
OTTOMH - Off The Top Of My Head
OWTTE - Or Words To That Effect
OYO - On Your Own
P911 - Parent In Room
PAW - Parents Are Watching
PCM - Please Call Me
PDH - Pretty Darn Happy
PIR - Parent In Room
PLS - Please
PLZ - Please
PLU - People Like Us
POC - Point Of Contact
POS - Parent Over Shoulder
POV - Point Of View
PPL - People
PRW - Parents Are Watching
PTMM - Please Tell Me More
Q - Question
QT - Cutie
ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing
R - Are
RL - Real Life
RSN - Real Soon Now
RUOK? - Are You Okay?
S2R - Send To Receive
SFETE - Smiling From Ear To Ear
SIT - Stay In Touch
SITD - Still In The Dark
SMH - Shaking My Head
SMS - Short Message Service
SOH - Sense Of Humor
SOSDD - Same Old Stuff Different Day
SOZ - Sorry
SRY - Sorry
STR8 - Straight
SUP - What's Up?
SYS - See You Soon
TAFN - That's All For Now
TBA - To Be Announced
TBC - To Be Continued
TBH - To Be Honest
TC - Take Care
TGIF - Thank Goodness It's Friday
THX - Thanks -or- Thank you
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIC - Tongue In Cheek
TISNF - That Is So Not Fair
TMB - Text Me Back
TMI - Too Much Information
TOY - Thinking Of You
TTFN - Ta-Ta For Now
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TY - Thank You
U - You
U2 - You Too
UR - You Are -or- You're
VBG - Very Big Grin
W8 - Wait
W/ - With
W/E - Whatever
W/O - Without
WB - Welcome Back
WBS - Write back soon
WFM - Works For Me
WTF - What The F***
WTG - Way To Go
WTH - What The Heck?
WU - What's Up?
WYGOWM - Will You Go Out With Me?
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
WYRN - What's Your Real Name?
XOXO - Hugs and Kisses
Y - Why
YOLO - You Only Live Once
YRG - You Are Good
YT? - You There?
YW - You Are Welcome
ZZZ - Tired or bored
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