Marriage Registration Online steps [Tamil Nadu]

Marriage Registration Online

1. Hindu Marriage Act

2. TamilNadu Marriage Act

Steps To follow

1. Log into :-> 

2. Click on "User Registration"  under "LOGIN" section

3. Now Login with UserID & Password 

Hindu Marriage Registration

4. After Log in then select 

Home > Marriage Registration > Hindu Marriage Registration

5. Fill in the details

    1. Husband details

        A.  Details Must be know - District, Taluk, Village and then from Drop down select the "street name"

        B. if any of the parent is not alive mark the same and produce the death certificate while submitting the application in-person. 

    2. Wife Details

        A. same as above, have all the information to fill in details

3. Witness Options

4. Other Details

5. Proof Details: for Husband & Wife 
Home > Draft Listing
TamilNadu Marriage Act

    A. 3 Witness are required as mandate.

    B. Select from the Drop down Witness Options

    A. Details of person who solemnized - the Priest name 

        or Any other Person

        or By Parents

    B.  Place of Marriage

        Based on the Place of Marriage only the Sub Register Office is chosen

    C. Act under which the marriage was solemnized :-  Section 7 or Section 7A 

        Select 7 if happened with Priest  or Select 7A - Google to get the difference 

    D.  Sub Registrar Office at 

        Select the nearest Sub Register Office 

      E.g:  Id, Age and Address Proof: Passport 

        there are More options to Choose from. 

        Then click Create Application. 

        [Until create Application is clicked - the application is found in DRAFT LISTING ]

Draft Application 

Home > Registration > Marriage Registration > TamilNadu Marriage - Form I > Create Application

Same steps as of HINDU Marriage Act is followed 

For Witness DetailsID details has to be Provided in the application form


Created Application can be Found under 

Home > Registration > Marriage Registration > Search Applications


Book Appointment 

Select the Application the click the Initiate Token


Application & Proof for all these shall be produced with Original and Notary Attested photocopies 

1 . MARRIAGE:    Wedding Invitation (or) Temple Marriage Receipts(or) Any proof of marriage solemnization.

2. RESIDENCE:    Employee ID Card (or) Ration Card (or) Driving License (or) Passport or Visa.

3. AGE:    Birth Certificate (or) School/College Certificate (or) Passport / Visa

Additional Proofs based on the Registration Office on demand to be produced [with Original and Notary Attested photocopies]

1. Community Certificate            [Notary Attested photocopies]

2. Death Certificate [if any]         [Notary Attested photocopies]

3. Marriage Conducted letter from Marriage Hall or Temple letter [Notary Attested photocopies]

4. Marriage Photo                        [Notary Attested photocopies]

5. Witness ID Proof                     [Notary Attested photocopies]

6. Marriage Invitation                 [Notary Attested photocopies]


Things to Produce at Sub Register Office 

1. Printout of Application 

2. Printout of Online Fee payment

3. Printout of Online Token Number

4. Passport Size Photo 4 count [Husband & Wife]

5. Original proof and Photocopies- [2 sets - Notary Attested photocopies]
6. Court Fee Stamp [5 rupees]


These instructions vary from time to time.

Helpers are charging 4000/- Rupees per application.

For TMA & HMA will cost around 8000/- as per helpers. 

"Don't Believe the Middlemen"


Actual Fees for reference only:
Tamil Nadu Marriage - Form I Registration
Total : 280/-

Registration Fee (₹) 150/-  CD Copy Fee (₹) 100/-  Copy Fee (₹) 30/- 

Hindu Marriage Registration
Total : 255/-

Registration Fee (₹) 100/- Delay Fee (₹) 25/- CD Copy Fee (₹) 100/- Copy Fee (₹) 30/-

These Fees may vary from time to time. 


[Procedure AS on 2020 September]

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