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How to install multiple programs with just one click

How to install multiple programs with just one click So you've got yourself a shiny new laptop. Now what follows is the arduous process of installing all your usual programs: web browser, chat client, PDF reader, image viewer and perhaps an anti-virus software, zip file manager or synchronisation tools like Dropbox or Evernote. The regular (and time consuming) process involves downloading each setup file individually, running the setup and clicking on the 'next' or 'I accept' prompts that pop up. Some of the programs might even require that you restart the system. You can make things much simpler and just head to . What Ninite offers is simple — all the software you need, to get started with a new PC, in one place. Simply select what you want and download a single installation file. The Ninite installer takes care of the entire install without any intervention on your part. It automatically gets the latest version of the soft