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HOME LAB : HANDS-ON Disclaimer Home LAB Lamma AI This post covers some useful tips and tricks for extracting YouTube transcripts and using the Fabric framework. The topics include: How to extract YouTube transcripts using the Fabric framework. How to generate summaries and extract insights from these transcripts with Fabric. An introduction to Fabric, an open-source framework that uses AI to help augment human capabilities. Step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the Fabric framework. Installing the OLLAMA AI model. Creating shortcuts for easy copy and paste. Running AI queries to extract YouTube transcripts. Saving YouTube transcripts to a file and generating AI queries. Security Audit : GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Overview Security Assessment reviews Identifying and analyzing Targets  Planning Technical Security Assessments  Executing the Technical security  Post testing activities  ISO 27001 AND 27002 What key insights can be gained from learning about ISO 2700