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STEM career fair

  STEM career fair  Nov 2023 at NTU Campus ht


Pi-Hole and Unbound Performance Following the installation of Pi-Hole and Unbound for query blocking and ad tracking, let's dive into the performance statistics. Pi-Hole-Unbound-Performance Pi-Hole, serving as a standalone DNS server, has delivered excellent performance without any hiccups. However, the setup with Unbound as an upstream server introduced noticeable disruptions in communication between services and increased time delays. Consequently, we reverted to the OpenDNS configuration.  #DNS #PerformanceOptimization     Pi-Hole hands on: Contents: Configuring NAS (Network Attached Storage) on Raspberry Pi Install OMV - openMediaVault Install Plex Setting Up NordVPN Enable Firewall on NAS Installing Pi-hole How to Change DNS in Kali Linux Setting up VNC Server with OMV on Raspberry Pi Lite (Headless) How to connect from Kali to Raspberry- Pi using  VNC-viewer 

Kali/ Raspberry pi/ Pihole+Unbound/ OMV/Docker/ Portainer / VNC Virtual mode Along with OMV - Notes

 Kali/ Raspberry pi/ Pihole+Unbound/ OMV/Docker/ Portainer /  VNC Virtual mode Along with OMV  - Notes This blog article covers: Kali Linux tools:  It explores the various tools available in Kali Linux, a popular operating system used for cybersecurity and penetration testing. Dual booting Kali Linux with Windows:  It provides a guide on how to install and set up Kali Linux alongside Windows, allowing users to choose between the two operating systems during startup. Building a NAS using Raspberry OS Lite:  It explains the process of creating a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system using Raspberry Pi with the lightweight Raspberry OS Lite operating system. Pihole + unbound It explains how you can set up network-wide ad blocking using your own Linux hardware. The Pi-hole is a DNS sinkhole that helps protect your devices from unwanted content, all without the need to install any software on individual devices. VNC Virtual mode Along

WhatsApp Channel rollout

WhatsApp rolls out Channel - updates.

WhatsApp Add multiple accounts

WhatsApp Add multiple accounts: WhatsApp has rolled out, to add multiple accounts on same app.  This feature is already available on telegram.

WhatsApp Desktop Emoji meanings

 WhatsApp Desktop Emoji meanings In the desktop app, when you hover over the emoji icon, a tooltip appears, showing the meaning of that emoji. WhatsApp Desktop Emoji meanings

WhatsApp Community Privacy Update

WhatsApp Community  Privacy Update : WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy update for its community groups, allowing users to hide their phone numbers to enhance privacy by default. 

WhatsApp Update: Search Business feature Jun 2023

WhatsApp Rolled out Search Business feature 1. Click + icon for new chat 2. Select Business

WhatsApp Privacy check-up update - June 2023

WhatsApp Privacy Check feature adds-on new update: Rolls out new feature silence unknown caller's 

Whatsapp Chat Locked and Hidden feature

 Whatsapp Chat Locked and Hidden feature The latest update of WhatsApp introduces a feature that allows you to lock and hide individual and group chats. The options available in the menu on the individual chat screen. CHAT Lock individual Menu The options available in the menu on the Group chat screen. CHAT Lock Group Menu The options available in the menu on the chat lock screen. CHAT Lock Menu

Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11

 Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11  The availability of the Amazon Appstore for sideloading Android apps on Windows 11 is subject to the supported countries listed on the Microsoft support page Requirements Verification: Amazon Appstore link from Microsoft Apps: After installing the Amazon Appstore, users have the option to utilize Android SDK tools for performing "ADB" commands. ADB commands allow users to install APK files from their Windows 11 device. Step 1 To begin, users are required to download the SDK Platform Tools specifically designed for Windows. Once the download is complete, users must unzip the downloaded file. Step 2 The next step involves opening the Windows Subsystem for Android settings window. Within the settings window, users should navigate to the developer tab.

Whatsapp privacy check-up May 2023

Whatsapp update May 2023 Whatsapp's privacy check-up features provide users with the ability to review and customize various aspects of their privacy settings. Choose who can contact you Control your personal info Add more privacy to your chats Add more protection to your account Privacy-checkup Choose who can contact you Control your personal info Add more privacy to your chats Add more protection to your account