Kali/ Raspberry pi/ Pihole+Unbound/ OMV/Docker/ Portainer / VNC Virtual mode Along with OMV - Notes

 Kali/ Raspberry pi/ Pihole+Unbound/ OMV/Docker/ Portainer / VNC Virtual mode Along with OMV - Notes


This blog article covers:

Kali Linux tools: 

It explores the various tools available in Kali Linux, a popular operating system used for cybersecurity and penetration testing.

Dual booting Kali Linux with Windows: 

It provides a guide on how to install and set up Kali Linux alongside Windows, allowing users to choose between the two operating systems during startup.

Building a NAS using Raspberry OS Lite: 

It explains the process of creating a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system using Raspberry Pi with the lightweight Raspberry OS Lite operating system.

Pihole + unbound

It explains how you can set up network-wide ad blocking using your own Linux hardware. The Pi-hole is a DNS sinkhole that helps protect your devices from unwanted content, all without the need to install any software on individual devices.

VNC Virtual mode Along with OMV

These steps enable you to install a basic virtual desktop environment on a headless Raspberry Pi Lite with OpenMediaVault. This allows you to access the desktop using a VNC viewer.



upgrade commands

DUAL Boot Kali Linux with Windows




GREP command

Configuring VPN

Scanning networks on monitor mode

Configuring NAS (Network Attached Storage) on Raspberry Pi

Install OMV - openMediaVault

Install Plex

Setting Up NordVPN

Enable Firewall on NAS

Installing Pihole

How to Change DNS in Kali Linux

Setting up VNC Server with OMV on Raspberry Pi Lite (Headless)

How to connect from Kali to Raspberry- Pi using  VNC-viewer 



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