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How to remove your Google Web History

Google history is stored under Myactivity of google accounts. Use the below link to navigate to history. Old Link( 2012) select clear all web history.

new Feature of Belle are good!! Swipe diagonally to get open apps!!

Nokia Belle is really cool when compared from previous version of its SW. The SW is stable and more & more apps can be loaded at same time. And few more version taken from android are helping to control the phone. Now u can control everything in ur Hand HA HA :P :P

Nokia Belle Updates   OPERATOR DEVICE PRODUCT CODE STATUS Nokia C6-01 059F6R4 Update available Nokia C6-01 059C1C3 Update available Nokia C6-01 059C1C2 Update available Nokia C6-01 059F6R3 Update available Nokia C7-00 059B7C0 Update available Nokia C7-00 059B7Z4 Update available Nokia C7-00 059B8M2 Update available Nokia E6-00 059F124 Update available Nokia E6-00 059F125 Update available Nokia E6-00 059F259 Update available Nokia E7-00 059C8G3 Update available Nokia E7-00 059C8G1 Update available Nokia E7-00 059C8Q6 Update available Nokia E7-00 059C8Q5 Update available Nokia E7-00 059C8Q3 Update available Nokia N8-00 059G172 Update available Nokia N8-00 059K9S9 Update

F-Secure Internet Security 2011 free This key is Valid for 6 months

Source: local forum F-Secure Internet Security 2011 protect your PC against viruses, spyware, malware, spam e-mail, cyber criminals, phishing attacks and identity theft. It is not just the simple Internet Security but its the most advanced internet security which will deal with your internet application security, internet credit card security, internet data security, business internet security, laptop internet security, broadband internet security, usb internet security needs at its best. The newly released F-secure Internet Security 2011 is a lot leaner than the previous version, and seems to detect a lot more malware. It come with many features. The features of F-secure IS 2011 Online Safety such as Browsing Protection, DeepGuard behavior analysis, Parental controls, Automatic updates and many more. F-secure Internet Security 2011 comes with a price of $79.69 for 1 PC for 1 year. But now you can download F-Secure Internet Security 2011 official version with free 6 Months (180

Facebook collects a lot of data from people and admits it. And it also collects data which isn't admitted. And Google does too. As for Microsoft, I don't know. But I do know that Windows has features that send data about the user

“Facebook collects a lot of data from people and admits it. And it also collects data which isn't admitted. And Google does too. As for Microsoft, I don't know. But I do know that Windows has features “that send data about the user Source: "You know about the two rules right for interviewing Richard?" a volunteer asks before leading us to meet Richard Stallman, the man who fights for free software day in and out. One, don't use the term Open Source to mean free software. Two, don't say Linux but say GNU/Linux. Dr Stallman, who started the Free Software Foundation in 1985 to promote freedom to create, share and modify software, is extremely sensitive to whether the goals of his initiative are rightly communicated. A computer engineer and self-proclaimed hacker, the 58-year-old Dr Stallman lives the life of an activis

National Pension Scheme is an excellent tool to save tax

National Pension Scheme is an excellent tool to save tax:   As you are aware, there are two types of National Pension System (NPS) accounts - Tier I & II.Tier I account is mandatory, whereas Tier II account is optional. Thus, only Tier I account is eligible for tax benefits and is, in the true sense, the core of NPS. However, normal tax provisions of taxation of profits on sale of investments are applicable when you redeem the units credited in your Tier II account. But all deposits and withdrawals to and from the Tier II account are tax neutral. There are no limits as to number and amount of withdrawals from Tier II account. Taxation for your contribution to Tier I account: The Section 80 CCD allows you deduction for contributions made by you or your employer towards NPS account. There are some restrictions on the contribution which you can make towards your NPS Tier I account under this Section. Like if you are employed, you can claim deduction up to 10% of your salary,

You can save additional tax through NPS

You can save additional tax through NPS Many taxpayers feel that the Rs 1.2 lakh tax-saving investment limit under Section 80C and 80CCF is too low. However, a handful of employers, including Bangalore-based Wipro Technologies, is allowing its staff to claim more tax deductions by investing under the newly introduced Section 80CCD(2). Under the new section, up to 10% of an employee's basic salary put in the New Pension Scheme is tax deductible. This means a person with an annual basic salary of Rs 5 lakh (nearly Rs 40,000 a month) can get an additional deduction of Rs 50,000 if his employer puts this money on his behalf in the NPS. Assuming that he will have other income (bonus, special allowance, interest, etc), which puts him in the 30% tax bracket, the NPS investment under Section 80CCD(2) will reduce his tax liability by almost Rs 15,000. This clause was introduced in the previous budget by amending the rules regarding the deduction of contribution made on beha

Beware of Online Scams

        Fraudsters send attractive offers through letters, e-mails, calls, SMS messages asking you to deposit money to participate in schemes that " sound too good to be true ". Later, they withdraw the money and stop further communication. Here is a list of the most common frauds:           Contests and lotteries, asking you to make a payment in order to receive your prize. Job offers / applications for jobs / offers from large corporations and public institutions asking for your confidential banking information. Intimation of gifts and inheritances from a foreign country, asking you for personal information or money. Schemes offering very high returns on small investments.         Make sure you don't respond to such fraudulent messages.   To know more, visit the "Safe Banking" section at launches India specific online shopping service launches India specific online shopping service  

select closed user group problem on N8

 select closed user group (" select closed user group ")  problem on N8 : Go to menu >> Settings >>  phone >> phone management >> security settings >> Phone and Sim card >>Scroll down to find an option for "closed user group".... I was frustrated with the problem ("select closed user group") on N8. After a lot of fiddling around, figured out a solution that worked for me. Try this.... Go to menu >> Settings >>  phone >> phone management >> security settings >> Phone and Sim card >> Scroll down to find an option for "closed user group"....It will give you three options with the "default" one as pre-selected. Select "off" ----> BINGO. Your phone should work now albeit without the Vodafone closed user group benefits.... Or select the “ON” to use the Vodafone benefits.