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Pi-Hole and Unbound Performance Following the installation of Pi-Hole and Unbound for query blocking and ad tracking, let's dive into the performance statistics. Pi-Hole-Unbound-Performance Pi-Hole, serving as a standalone DNS server, has delivered excellent performance without any hiccups. However, the setup with Unbound as an upstream server introduced noticeable disruptions in communication between services and increased time delays. Consequently, we reverted to the OpenDNS configuration.  #DNS #PerformanceOptimization     Pi-Hole hands on: Contents: Configuring NAS (Network Attached Storage) on Raspberry Pi Install OMV - openMediaVault Install Plex Setting Up NordVPN Enable Firewall on NAS Installing Pi-hole How to Change DNS in Kali Linux Setting up VNC Server with OMV on Raspberry Pi Lite (Headless) How to connect from Kali to Raspberry- Pi using  VNC-viewer 

Raspberry Pi, the $25 Computer Coming in January, 2012

Raspberry Pi, the $25 Computer Coming in January, 2012 Raspberry Pi, possibly the cheapest functional computer that you can buy, will be available this January. Raspberry Pi is a rather compact -- credit-card sized -- computer that packs quite a punch despite being just $25. In this small cheap package lies a computer that: Uses the Broadcom BCM2835 chipset Has an ARM11 processor of 700Mhz Has 128MB RAM Can run Linux and the plethora of software available for it Can connect to a TV via RCA or HDMI Can play back audio via 3.5mm audio jack or HDMI Can play videos in HD Supports USB2 devices Is powered by a mere 5V over micro USB Other than that, being a computer a number of devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam, mic etc can be added via USB. Another model featuring 256MB RAM and an ethernet port is available for just $10 more -- for $35. Note that you cannot run Windows on it, since it is an ARM-based computer, however Raspberry Pi will support a n