Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11

 Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11 

The availability of the Amazon Appstore for sideloading Android apps on Windows 11 is subject to the supported countries listed on the Microsoft support page

Requirements Verification:


Amazon Appstore link from Microsoft Apps:
  • After installing the Amazon Appstore, users have the option to utilize Android SDK tools for performing "ADB" commands.
  • ADB commands allow users to install APK files from their Windows 11 device.

Step 1

  • To begin, users are required to download the SDK Platform Tools specifically designed for Windows.
  • Once the download is complete, users must unzip the downloaded file.

Step 2

  • The next step involves opening the Windows Subsystem for Android settings window.
  • Within the settings window, users should navigate to the developer tab.
  • Under the developer tab, users will be able to locate the port address, which is typically displayed as something similar to
  • Under Mange Developer Setting: enable USB debugging . 
Windows Subsystem for Android settings window.
Windows Subsystem for Android settings window.

Method 1

  • The next step involves opening the Command Prompt window with administrator privileges.
  • Once the Command Prompt window is open, users can proceed to enter the following commands.

Navigating to the folder
  • C:\Windows\System32>cd C:\Users\Downloads\platform-tools_r34.0.1-windows\platform-tools
Making connection 
  • C:\Users\Downloads\platform-tools_r34.0.1-windows\platform-tools>ADB connect
        connected to

Installing any apk file

  • Move the APK file into the folder where the platform tools are located.
  • C:\Users\Downloads\platform-tools_r34.0.1-windows\platform-tools> ADB install telegram.apk

Access the app by navigating to the Windows menu.

Other Methods 

User can use APK installers by searching from Microsoft App store, some examples are below.
  • Home/Developer tools/WSATools - APK installer and more


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