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FIND THE NECESSARY INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE Disclaimer This document, including all content in the blog, is provided as-is without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. This document contains unedited notes and has not been formally proofread. The information provided in this document is intended to provide a basic understanding of certain technologies. Please exercise caution when visiting or downloading from websites mentioned in this document and verify the safety of the website and software. Some websites and software may be flagged as malware by antivirus programs. The document is not intended to be a comprehensive guide and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information. The document is not a substitute for professional advice or expert analysis and should not be used as such. The document does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any particular technology, product, or service. The reader assumes all responsibility for their use of the

A guide to staying safe and secure online from google

A guide to staying safe and secure online
Stay safe and secure online
Explore quick tips and how-to’s that explain what you can do to stay safe and secure on the web.
Know your Google security and privacy tools
Find out more about the tools you can use to help stay safe with Google.
Secure your passwords
Learn more about how to create strong passwords and keep your information safe.
Keep your device clean
Find out how you can help protect your computer or device from criminals.
Prevent identity theft
Learn more about how to help protect yourself from identity theft.
Find easy-to-understand steps that you can take to help keep yourself safe
Keep your family safe online
Get advice from parents at Google and family safety experts on how to help your family safely surf the web.
Get family safety tips from experts
Check out simple, useful tips from child safety experts on how to protect your family.
Learn more about Google’s online safety tools
Stay up-to-date on resources that Google provides for parents and guardians.
Learn more about keeping your family safe online
Learn how Google helps protect you
Google works hard to protect you whenever you use the web.
Helping combat identity theft
Find out more about how Google helps fight identity theft.
Working to help keep your computer and devices clean
Check out how Google helps protect your computer and device from malware.
Learn more about our tools and practices that help keep you and your data safe and secure
Know your web
What is a browser anyway? Find out how to chat online, search effectively and more.
Bust those technical terms
Don’t know what WPA2 is? Check out the jargon buster.
Become tech savvy
Explore Internet 101 and learn more about the web and beyond.
Learn from the community of experts
Know who to go to for more information.
Find more information
See additional security and safety tips, videos and resources from experts.
Become more familiar with the basics of the web
Good to Know
How you can stay safe and secure online
Secure your passwords
Prevent identity theft
Avoid scams
Keep your device clean
Signing in and signing out
Lock your screen or device
Report abuse and illegal activity
Check your Gmail settings
Use secure networks
Manage multiple accounts
Know your Google security and privacy tools
How you can protect your family online
Google’s safety tools
Reporting inappropriate content
Sharing controls and privacy settings
Advice on safety issues from our partners
Tips from parents at Google
Learn how Google helps protects you
Helping combat identity theft
Protecting you from personal fraud and scams
Working to help keep your computer and device clean
Making the Internet safer for everyone
Know your web
Jargon buster
Internet 101
Learn more
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