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How to get Canadian PR

# Alert : Dont get fooled but consulting agents/ agency. All the forms and paper work has to be done by self and there is no agent is allowed to create Express entry account from Canadian government website. #

How to get Canadian PR:


General Info:- 

"For PR : only way in is express entry"

1. Express entry profile: 

It Has a score called CRS 

Calculate your score roughly and if it crosses 450 ( now late 2020 it should be 460-470) then there is a good chance of getting a PR if not to be plain there might be chances but difficult. 

2. For express entry profile: 

Profile cost is free online gov profile 

Eligibility to have a profile;: 

IELTS score card (13500₹) 

WES : world education system  education credentials to be accredited (15000₹)

3. Website 


4. Calculate your score through the above tool link:-

Under question 5 give your test results recent within 2 years a yes 

Test as IELTS 

Score as follows: 

8 7 7 7 

Listening reading speaking and writing respectively ( should score the same in exam too )

5. Watch these channels in YouTube to get updates:-

Dream abroad 

Canadian dreams 

Tamil Canadian

6. Consulting Fee:

If everything falls in place and still interested. 

Get in touch "Kirubhaelangovan@gmail.com", who is providing consulting at much affordable rates to help you set your profile and guide you in IELTS.


How to Start for Applying for PR:-

Step00. Check legibility score in 


-> This Eligibility score is an idea on how much max score you are eligible and where you can improve the scores.

Step01. Create Account and add the degree certificates 

Certificates to be submitted in WES.org


-> The Transcripts from University takes time and time consuming a minimum of one month goes in getting the transcripts. 

Step02. Write IELTS exam


-> Scores required are  8777 or an average of 7 is what recommended so that you can get maximum marks. 

Step03. Create Express Entry Profile. 



Keep Tracking Latest Information in Express entry:-

Tips to follow from :

1. https://www.potatotalkies.com/

2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCptlN8l2qyiPlDKhiiJdHfg

Canada Express Entry News:

3. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/submit-profile/rounds-invitations.html

Facebook Groups:

4. Ask Kubeir - ExpressEntry / Canada PR



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