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Broadband Issue regarding TIKONA legal issue

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Broadband Issue regarding TIKONA:


Was using tikona broadband connection till Sep, 12. There was some problem in accessing the net connection since July, 12.


As I forgot the password and not able to activate it. So I didn’t use it from July to Sep. I tried to contact the cust care but not resolved.


Then the connection was disconnected and the bill was generated automatically. I informed the billing dept. that I was not using for three months.


So I didn’t pay the bill for that period. Then after four months I got call from Delhi police saying that tikona has filed a case against me for paying the bill.


I ignored the call and later I got call from some advocate that also I ignored. Then again I got call yesterday after some three months.


So can I ignore this again? Is this will be a serious issue?


Kindly advise me on this, If anyone has come across this kind of scenario….





                I too used Tikona in Chennai for about 6 months after which it completely stopped connecting and the reason given to me was our area “suddenly” was put under non-signal zone. We continuously tracked them for 3 months, calling the customer care and asking them to take away the instruments and refund the amount.


                They did not pay nay heed and after 3 months of utter frustrations we finally had a talk with the head of the Chennai region who sent across the people to take away the instruments. After them collecting the instruments we too got calls from advocate. That need not be paid attention to; as I am very much sure he would have definitely offered you “out-of-court” settlement option.


                I would advise you to do the following:


1.       Call up the customer care and ask them for taking away the instruments and closing the account permanently (if not already returned)


2.       Make sure you have the account of Dates when and all you lodged the complaints and you were facing issues from. (These are very handy)


3.       If they refuse to co-operate kindly ask them to provide the Regional Head’s number so that you can talk to them directly. (If you can wait I might search for the POC for Chennai region, and provide it to you tomorrow, so that he might be able to guide you in a better way to Bangalore head)


4.       If someone comes to collect the instruments, kindly do not hand over the instruments without the Bill/card that they are entitled to provide as a legitimate proof that you have returned it to them.


5.       If you get a call again from the advocate of someone, politely ask them to stop troubling as you have already paid out the dues or else you would Sue the number owner for Harassment. (I am sure you will never get a call from that person ever again).


P.S : Make sure you have dates ready to be furnished, also dates when you lodged complaints and also the dates from when you were called and facing issues and so on.









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