Add nick name to contacts For Android Phones for 100% Voice Recognition

The success rate is 100% I tried it, may be it should work for you; the Following instructions will help you

Tip: Add A Phonetic Name To Contacts Voice Recognition Just Can't Get Right

Perhaps the most time-saving key on the Android keyboard is the microphone, but using it is more hassle than it's worth when certain words just refuse to be recognized. More often than not, these words are contact names. Luckily, there is a way to trick your phone into recognizing even the most tongue-twisting of names. If you're tired of your phone turning "Demonte Jones" into "Demon's bones," just teach it to recognize the latter as the former. Granted, this might be a problem when you're texting a friend the location of a secret item in your favorite MMORPG.

The instructions are pretty straightforward:
Open up the People app and find your desired contact. Load up their information and hit edit.
Scroll to the bottom and tap Add another field and select Phonetic name.
Entering text by voice, say the name of the person in the Phonetic name field.
Rinse and repeat for as many contacts as necessary.
If Google's stock People app isn't installed on your phone, you may be out of luck. I just made the jump to a HTC One, and HTC's version of the app lacks the "Phonetic Name" field. Keep that in mind if you run into a dead end.
Phonetic names can also be added via Gmail's web interface (though if your phone doesn't support the field in the first place, this doesn't help much). There is space available for both first and last names.
Making these changes does not guarantee success, but it should nudge voice recognition in the right direction. Unfortunately, each contact can only have one phonetic name, so there's no way to insert multiple entries if your phone happens to think your girlfriend's name sounds like something different depending on the time of day.

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