FW: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction - Please be cautious

Hello Friends,

Talks are around about the increase in fraudulent online transactions.
<Please be cautious while using online shopping portals
<2 DON’T provide the card to anyone in Restaurants, Malls. Ensure they swipe your card in front of you.
<3. Always try to use the ATM’s inside our office. Avoid using the ATM’s outside.
<4. DO make a note of the Local customer care number for immediately blocking your card in case of suspicious transactions.
<5.Do change your login, transaction passwords, if you have not done so for a long time.

From: Jibin
Posted At: Monday, January 28, 2013 1:09 PM
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Conversation: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction ( Help Me Please)
Subject: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction ( Help Me Please)

Conversation in hyd bb currently going on about icici credit card..got as forward ..
Posted so every1 can knw abt it..
Removing names…

Ya I continuously received about 7-8 messages regarding this transactions.
But only the first transaction was successful and the rest were cancelled either due to security reason or insufficient balance since some transaction were being made of S1000.

This happening only for ICICI CC ?
Any other CC users ?

I received a call from ICICI on Friday morning informing me about the blocking of my credit card. When I asked the caller as to why my card was being blocked without any initiation for the same from my side, he replied that they were suspecting some fraudulent transactions happening on my card and the cards security might have been compromised. When I asked him for a solution to this, he responded by saying that the bank will re-issue a new card within a week.


Got a call from ICICI Credit Card Dept in the morning and they said that my Info has been compromised and blocked the card.


On Saturday evening numerous unknown internet transactions were carried out from our ICICI credit card.
All the transactions happened in US dollar.
Except the first transaction which happened of around $400 to a site called ENTROPAY, all the other transactions were cancelled either due to security reason or insufficient balance.
The fact is we have always used our credit card for internet transaction only from our own laptop.
After this incident I have got the credit card blocked and is in process to lodge a FIR.
Recently I read in newspaper that this is happening due to  some problem in the java update given by Oracle.
Because of this problem a hacker can easily get access to the data of one’s laptop.
As a result we have uninstalled the java from our laptop as suggested by some internet sites.
I have shared this unfortunate incident in the BB so that people reading it are aware of such things happening around us.
Also I request If anyone has gone through the same experience, please let us know what is to be done in order to avoid such a huge loss.

From: Kasirajan
Posted At: Monday, January 28, 2013 12:09 PM
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Conversation: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction ( Help Me Please)
Subject: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction ( Help Me Please)

Please find the same in the below path#


From:  k
Posted At: Monday, January 28, 2013 11:31 AM
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Conversation: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction ( Help Me Please)
Subject: ICICI credit card Online fraud transaction ( Help Me Please)

Please read the below mail chain, I have been cheated second time with ICICI Credit card online fraud transaction.

Please help me how to cancel this transaction and one more thing I would suggest to every one please thing twice before getting new credit card from ICICI.

For reference please  find this in web forum, many people has suffered like me. Please help me how to address this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Mr.  kali,

At the outset, we are extremely sorry for the delay in responding to your e-mail. We request your co-operation.

We regret for the inconvenience caused.

According to our telephonic conversation, query pertaining to fraud transactions on your credit card has been attended.

We refer to your query regarding the following transaction on your credit card:

Name of the Merchant: ENTROPAY UK
Date of Transaction: January 23, 2013
Amount of Transaction: Rs. 19,157.68

The disputed transaction, as confirmed from our records, has been effected using your Credit Card XXXX. The said transaction has undergone a 3D Secure authentication, which is a second level authentication specifically meant for online transactions done through merchant web sites. Please note that apart from the Card Verification Value (CVV) and Expiry Date on your Credit Card, your personal 6 digit 3D secure PIN was also required for effecting the transaction.

A 3D secure PIN is to be known only to the card owner. If it is known to someone else, it means that the security levels have been compromised at the customer's end. The card holder is responsible for the security of his/her card along with his / her personal 3D secure PIN and should therefore take all the possible steps ensuring its safe keeping. The bank does not incur any financial liability arising out of misuse of 3D Secure PIN.

The said transaction was allowed as the system is CVV, Expiry Date and 3D PIN-specific. The bank's system does not recognise one individual from the other, as long as the correct values have been used on the three counts mentioned above. As the transaction was qualified by information known only to you, the bank is not in a position to repudiate the transaction with the merchant on the basis of your dispute. We, therefore, regret to inform you that the bank will not be able to accede to your claims with regard to the disputed transaction.

However, if you suspect foul play in the above transaction you may lodge a complaint with the statutory/regulatory authorities concerned. We assure our complete co-operation, if any investigation into the matter were undertaken by the authorities.

In view of the reasons cited above, we advise you to meet this explanation with reason and acceptance and make the payment of the dues outstanding towards the disputed transaction along with the service charges (if any) in order to avoid any inconvenience. If you require any further clarification, please feel free to call us at our 24-hour Customer Care or write to us using the 'E-mail Us' link on www.icicibank.com. Please quote your credit card number for effective tracking of your case.

We request you to confirm the communication address to send the no dispute letter on your credit card.

We look forward to your co-operation to serve you better.


Customer Service Officer
ICICI Bank Limited

ICICI Bank awarded the Best SME Bank for Treasury and Working Capital (India) by the Asset Triple A.

"If you receive an SMS from ICICI Bank with a Unique Reference Number or URN without you having added a new payee in your account through internet banking, report to us immediately. Do not disclose the URN to any stranger, even if the person claims to be our employee"

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Register your ICICI Bank credit card for Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode today to make your online transactions safer. RBI guidelines make this second level authentication, mandatory for all Internet card transactions from August 1, 2009. For registration and further details, please visit the Cards section of www.icicibank.com.

-----Original Message-----
From:    appar ( k_Jappar@ .com)
Date:   Thursday, January 24, 2013  06:15 PM
To:   care@icicibank.com (care@icicibank.com); antiphishing@icicibank.com (antiphishing@icicibank.com); customer.care@icicibank.com (customer.care@icicibank.com)
Subject:  Poor information leakage and bad security issue with ICICI creditcard.(Credit card unauthorized payment happen to me)

Hello to all,

Poor information leakage and bad security issue with ICICI credit card.

I have received a message from ICICI credit card( DM_ICICB), I happened to  see the content of message saying that Tranx of USD 343.73 Using credit card 5XXX1018 is made at ENTROPAY ON 23-JAN-13 AVBBL Cr lmt:inr 9,743.89, total Cr lmt  Inr 54,000.00, when I saw the such message I remember this unauthorized payment issue has already happened to me few months back and I had fight with your(ICICI) bank customer care then that has been resolved.
Then I didn’t close the card, since you provided the genuine service. Now I am getting the same issue again for 343 US Dollar. So that I spoke to customer care service(status seems processing) and they said this happened with second level of authorization and so it is authorized one as they said, I can’t answer for this question, since no one share their credential with any one( since I am working in leading IT firm  ).

I need prompt reason for why this happening to me again and again, here I have doubted about ICICI Information security. Based on such an incident  I would encourage my fellow of   and other people to don’t use and buy ICICI credit card here after.

Kindly reply with the correct reason, at the same time I would expect to cancel the unauthorized transaction as well.

Please find my card details below.





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