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Vodafone launches SMS service to find blood donors




Vodafone launches SMS service to find blood donors    



Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, has launched a unique and innovative service on SMS that allows customers to find blood donors or become a blood donor through easy search on their fingertips.

All the user needs to do is, send an SMS ‘BLOOD’ to 55444 and find a donor or become a donor by replying as per the instructions in 2-3 easy steps.  Search results are narrowed down to the user’s pin code.  Users will be charged a nominal fee of INR 1/SMS for this service. This innovative service is supported by Innoz who have partnered with IndianBlooddonors.com.

Blood requirements are increasing exponentially on a daily basis and with this service; Vodafone users can search for blood donors and also become a donor using SMS. Vodafone India, as a value based organization, is passionate about people. This latest initiative is in line with its commitment to achieving highest standards of health, safety and well-being in and around its operating environment. As part of its customer connects initiatives, Vodafone intends to make a small and meaningful contribution to saving lives of the needy.


Source: http://www.telecomtiger.com/fullstory.aspx?passfrom=vasstory&storyid=15799


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