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Sample Dashboard

Creating a Sample Dashboard with Excel Pivot Tables and Graphs. Rationale for the Parameters Selected in the Dashboard. Different methods are available for creating dashboards, including Power BI and Tableau.

  • Region Wise data

    • Showcasing the overall - SLA or RAG [Red Amber, Green] status under two categories, to have a better holistic picture.
    • Status - Done, next Status - Failed, Pending, canceled and Onhold
    • Breaking down the status on which are - Critical, Important and Non-critical, throws light on Severity.

  • Resource wise data

    • Understanding the cost involved as per resource type.
    • Getting info on Mean time to repair MTTR- per resource involved and number of tickets status as per resource group.

  • Statutory Wise Data

    • The data sets are previewed through the statutory buckets, along with the calendar timeline and asset types involved.

  • PIndex Wise Status

    • The various categories of Pindex were listed by status, then by quarterly and finally their importance to understand the severity.

Dashboard: Full
Fig 01: Dashboard

Dashboard: Part01
Fig 02: Dashboard: Part01

Dashboard: Part01
Fig 03: Dashboard: Part02

Dashboard: Part03
Fig 04: Dashboard: Part03

Dashboard: Part04
Fig 05: Dashboard: Part04

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