Anonymous gets on Reliance Communications' Nerves

This is really a story about a group of hacktivists venting and having a lot of fun, but unfortunately, some people lost some of their Internet access in the process.

On Saturday the 26th, Anonymous India hacked into Reliance Comm’s servers – which meant major sites were blocked for some subscribers. Apparently, what spurred Anonymous into targeting Reliance Comm was that the company had been blocking sites other what had specified by court orders – those of the Madras High Court, to be precise.

Maybe you’re wondering why censorship is an issue for us. It’s because, while it’s largely in theory, it’s also because when it happens, there isn’t enough of a public outcry about it.

Our last mention of this was just a few days ago. Coming to the “theory,” some of you might remember that half a year ago, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal wanted all potentially objectionable content – whether on blog posts or tweets – to be pre-screened before they were available to potentially offended Indian eyes and ears.

You can look at the guidelines – in effect from April of last year – at this link.

It says that intermediaries (for example, Techtree) should not allow you – that is, you – to have access to information that “belongs to another person and to which the user does not have any right to.”

I’m not sure if the above information belongs to me (even though it’s in my head right now), or whether you have the right to this information (you can’t prove that you do, can you?) Perhaps you shouldn’t be reading this, by government stipulations?

The 9th of June is a special date for Anonymous vs. the Government: they’ve announced that they’ve organised a protest (details at YouTube), and they’ve given the Government an ultimatum for all site-blocking to end.

But there’s a little hitch regarding the ultimatum to the Government of India: The Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-In) says that, while the blocking of sites was after the court order, it had nothing to do with the Government. (“They didn’t do it.”)

As of noon on Sunday, warnings have been on regarding possible attacks on government and also private organisations.

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