WhatsApp Privacy check-up update - June 2023

WhatsApp Privacy Check feature adds-on new update: Rolls out new feature silence unknown caller's 

Whatsapp Chat Locked and Hidden feature

 Whatsapp Chat Locked and Hidden feature The latest update of WhatsApp introduces a feature that allows you to lock and hide individual and group chats. The options available in the menu on the individual chat screen. CHAT Lock individual Menu The options available in the menu on the Group chat screen. CHAT Lock Group Menu The options available in the menu on the chat lock screen. CHAT Lock Menu

Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11

 Sideloading Android Apps on Windows 11  The availability of the Amazon Appstore for sideloading Android apps on Windows 11 is subject to the supported countries listed on the Microsoft support page Requirements Verification: Amazon Appstore link from Microsoft Apps: After installing the Amazon Appstore, users have the option to utilize Android SDK tools for performing "ADB" commands. ADB commands allow users to install APK files from their Windows 11 device. Step 1 To begin, users are required to download the SDK Platform Tools specifically designed for Windows. Once the download is complete, users must unzip the downloaded file. Step 2 The next step involves opening the Windows Subsystem for Android settings window. Within the settings window, users should navigate to the developer tab.

Whatsapp privacy check-up May 2023

Whatsapp update May 2023 Whatsapp's privacy check-up features provide users with the ability to review and customize various aspects of their privacy settings. Choose who can contact you Control your personal info Add more privacy to your chats Add more protection to your account Privacy-checkup Choose who can contact you Control your personal info Add more privacy to your chats Add more protection to your account


HOME LAB : HANDS-ON Disclaimer Home LAB Lamma AI This post covers some useful tips and tricks for extracting YouTube transcripts and using the Fabric framework. The topics include: How to extract YouTube transcripts using the Fabric framework. How to generate summaries and extract insights from these transcripts with Fabric. An introduction to Fabric, an open-source framework that uses AI to help augment human capabilities. Step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the Fabric framework. Installing the OLLAMA AI model. Creating shortcuts for easy copy and paste. Running AI queries to extract YouTube transcripts. Saving YouTube transcripts to a file and generating AI queries. Security Audit : GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Overview Security Assessment reviews Identifying and analyzing Targets  Planning Technical Security Assessments  Executing the Technical security  Post testing activities  ISO 27001 AND 27002 What key insights can be gained from learning about ISO 2700


Plagiarism      Plagiarism score or similarity score is obtained by the tool ( Turnitin ) to check,  whether the  s ubmitted documents contains any copied & pasted as it is from any sources. The plagiarism is  used to check the similarity of the phrases and sentence that are used in the document are they copied as it is and used in the  report. Even when the credit is provided for referencing these source under the reference section. One must use the quotations to use the same sentence or phrases, that are copied & pasted in the document. When the filter is applied to ignore the quoted sentenced, these are ignored by the tool to obtain the similarity score.       The image below displays an example of a plagiarism or similarity score, which is obtained by Turnitin, a tool used to check whether submitted documents contain any copied and pasted content from other sources. The similarity score indicates how similar the phrases and sentences in the document are to existing sources,

Links for useful websites, job portals, cyber security, and more

  Useful Websites   Refer to latest Link: Last Updated : DEC' 2022 Disclaimer: This document contains unedited notes and has not been formally proofread. The information provided in this document is intended to provide a basic understanding of certain technologies. Please exercise caution when visiting or downloading from websites mentioned in this document and verify the safety of the website and software. Some websites and software may be flagged as malware by antivirus programs. The document is not intended to be a comprehensive guide and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information. The document is not a substitute for professional advice or expert analysis and should not be used as such. The document does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any particular technology, product, or service. The reader assumes all responsibility for their use of the information contained in this document and any conseq

RTO: Driving License related service from

 Name /  Address update in License:  Correcting the Name according to Passport Copy of Passport Copy of License Copy of Aadhar  Request letter to change the name inline to passport and what are the corrections. Online application to be filled on Upload the documents  Pay fees online Take printout and visit RTO -  original - License/ Aadhar .  International Driving License  Copy of License Copy of Passport Copy of Visa Copy of Aadhar  Copy of Air Ticket Online application to be filled on Upload the documents  Pay fees online Take printout and visit RTO.  Take doctor certificate on Form 1A : Take Original- Passport/ License/ Aadhar 4 Passport size photo

Fraud Practice by JBL India Harman India

 #BoycottJBLSoundIn  #HarmanIndia products for selling poor quality and refusing to service products. Harman India JBL  #RightToRepair Grievance Details : Respected Sir Madam The Product JBL quantum 300 was purchased from Amazon India on 6 Aug 2020 for a price off 4999 rupees and has one year warranty. The Issue with the product, the mike function stopped working from 7 July 2021. The same was issue was raised with JBL customer care, on 7/10/2021 10:27 AM They have refused to do after sales repair services or replace the product, citing volume button is broken which is present at the side of the headphone. The customer care team has responded with refusal of product replacement and repair. They have provided with 10% discount coupon on purchase of their new product, as a resolution. I'm attaching the invoice, customer care refusal email and JBL headphone photo as references Reference number from customer care Harman International Case 08388082 Respons

WhatsApp update : 19 July 2021 : multiple devices support

 WhatsApp Has rolled out Multiple Devices Support up to 4 devices.