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You can mail us back or call us at the below numbers if you have any queries.
Queries? : Contact-Kaushik- +91-9840082585,Suresh- +91-9840098400

Account Name : Swarg
Account Number : 0906101039428
Bank Name : Canara Bank
Branch Name : AN Street
IFSC Code : CNRB0000906

A generation will be benefited by educating a child
India is a country of great diversity – not only it has icy cold mountains and hot deserts, but it also has World’s richest millionaires and poor slum dwellers. For India to reach its glory, it is imperative the fortunate Indians like us do our best in helping our less fortunate country men. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the lifetime” – With this idea in mind, a group of young minds decided to do their own bit in helping the society. They were certain that the best way to address the society is to give equal access to EDUCATION to all Indians.
That SPARK to server the destitute and under-privileged gave birth to SWARG – with the motto to provide education to deprived children and to create awareness about the education. From the time of its foundation we are trying to help spread this SPARK & inspire many to join our cause and carry out our mission and motives. SWARG Blindly believes ‘EDUCATIONS IS THE CURE OF ALL AND CURE FOR ALL’.
‘SWARG’, a government registered (DIT) No. 2(505) 08-09 & 80G Income Tax certified non-governmental organisation started in late 2007 in southern India.
HI All,

SWARG sponsorship Program (SSP) is stepping into its 6th Year and we hope we could continue bringing up smiles in many. SSP for the academic year 2012-2013 was highly successful and we had supported almost 65 students. We have provided the performance update of the students to the respective sponsors.

We are about to start the SSP Drive for the current academic year 2013-2014. We have been receiving many application and in process of sorting them out. In the next few days, we will be rolling out the first few sets for the SSP Drive. We have attached the SSP application for this year. If you are aware of any deserving student who is in need of any assistance, Please pass on the application form. We have attached a brief intro about SWARG and its activities, we request you to introduce SWARG to your friends and ask them to join hands with us. 

You can help individually or come together as a group or we will form a group if you show your interest to sponsor a student. Payment can be made in a single transaction or in installments. So let us all come together to light the lives of the deserving students.

   " A generation will be benefited by educating a child"

Donations can be Done in any of these ways:

Online Transfers

Beneficiary Name : SWARG
Beneficiary Account Number : 055801000228 (ICICI BANK)
IFSC Code : ICIC0000558
Beneficiary Branch Name : MYSORE - INFOSYS
Transaction Description - <Profile Number>

Demand Drafts or Cheque favouring: "SWARG TRUST" and sent to this

Address: SWARG No-70(118),
Thaiyappan St,



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